Check SMTP - Free mail server report Mail Server Report for

25/05/12 14:33:54


Test Result: Pass


MX Records for (info)

Host Priority Target 10

Mail server results ( ESMTP YSmtp service ready) : 0.976s

MX Record Check Valid
PTR Record (Reverse Lookup)
DNS Black List Check Passed
Connection Attempt Connection Success
SMTP Protocol Errors None
Gateway Check Closed Gateway
Recepient Test Valid mailbox


Check SMTP report for the domain Your server has Passed all of Check SMTP's tests. This means your server has Passed all standard tests on the email domain's security and configuration, if you still have an issue with your email it is very likely to be a problem specific to your mail server software or a problem deeper within the mail software itself. Check that the MTA (Message Transfer Agent) of your mail server is routing mail correctly and contact your support if you're still having problems with your mail server.
You may return to this report at any time using the following URL:
Note: Check SMTP can only examine your mail servers exposed to the internet and the servers found in the MX records for your domain. If you are using gateway servers or a 3rd party not all mail servers may have been tested.


Check SMTP is a free mail server diagnostic tool provided by tc software