How can I test my email account?

Check SMTP is a free diagnostic tool that you can use to test your email accounts and email servers.

It can often be difficult to tell if their is a problem with your email, is it simply that no one has sent you an email or is there a problem with the email system itself?

Even trying to test the mail server yourself can prove to be troublesome as you don't know if the place you sent an email from actually sent the message or if it was rejected when it arrived at its destination. If you're not sent a Non Delivery Report (NDR) it can be almost impossible to tell what's going on.

Check SMTP however will perform a full set of tests on your mail servers to detect any fault which would cause mail to be rejected. It can even reveal why some messages would be rejected while others arrive as you would expect.

Simply enter your email address into the form above and hit 'Check' to start the test. If the report says your server passed, the problem (if there is one) is deeper within your mail server and you should contact technical support. If your mail server fails the test your technical support will find the report useful for resolving the problem.