Check SMTP - Test your SMTP Server for free

Check SMTP is a free service that will test your smtp server security and configuration. Just type in your email address above and click 'Check' to start!

This service goes through the entire process of sending an email testing each step for any possible problems without actually sending an email. Email addresses provided to Check SMTP are only used for testing and are held in the database to prevent re-testing of the same domain and/or abuse of this service, they are not available to ourselves or the public.

You may also find this tool useful for diagnosing errors with a mail server. Most checks complete within 2-3 seconds and run through the whole process a mail server would when sending a message, stopping only at the point a mail server would expect to receive an email itself.

Check SMTP will run the following tests:

  • Check your server DNS Black List status
  • Verify MX Records
  • Relay Configuration
  • PTR Record (Reverse Lookup)
  • Verify Email Address

Check SMTP will produce a mail server report for all your smtp mail servers. It will check the DNS black list status, relay configuration, PTR records (reverse lookup) for your email servers IP.

SMTP (Short Message Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to pass mail from one server to another. There are a number of issues to be considered when setting up a mail server and security issues to take into account

If you're mail server is configured as an open relay it is likely that in the near future it will be found by spammers and exploited. Your IP will be blacklisted and sending mail from the server will become almost impossible as most other email server on the internet will ignore your messages.

Also if you are attempting to send mail from an IP listed on Spamhaus's Policy Black List you will find many mail servers will reject messages.

A final test carried out by almost all mail servers is a reverse lookup of the IP sender. Should the reverse lookup fail or found to be suspect the mail server will usually drop the connection before any mail is sent.

This service will take your email address and test that the mail server is configured correctly and is able to email servers on the internet quickly and easily. The server will generate a report for you detailing any problems found with some help to resolving the fault.

This is a free service provided by tc software